Automation & Printing Solution


Automation & Printing

Generic’s Automation and Printing division delivers manufacturing solutions designed with leading edge technologies, including mechanical and electrical, to give our customers the most advanced industrial automation possible. What’s more, we also offer spare parts for pre-press, press, and post-press machines. Our skilled and well-trained support team is ready to serve you in installation and replacement jobs for your valued machines.

Throughput, quality and cost have always been key drivers for industrial production. However, in today’s competitive world, we strive for a further step to increase machine reliability and availability. Most importantly the flexibility to manufacture a boarder range of products, with minimal changeover time.

    Programmable Logic Controller
  • Inverter Inverter
    AC drives / variable frequency drive
    Human Machine Interface / touchscreen
  • Sensor Sensor
    Photo sensors, capacitive sensors, inductive sensors & etc.
  • Temperature Controller Temperature Controller
    Electronic temperature controller designed specially... more
    Electronic temperature controller designed specially
    for industrial applications where high precision temperature control is a
    requirement: from plastic moulding and packaging (heating and cooling moulds)
    to process control in raw material transformation.
  • Timer/Counter Timer/Counter
    Digital timer / counter is the ultimate solution in terms of... more
    Digital timer / counter is the ultimate solution in terms of
    measuring all aspects of production.It can be used in all
    applications where the precise control of production stages and functions
    linked to preset time/count ranges is necessary.
  • Machine Cabinet Machine Cabinet
    - Custom fabricated machine cabinet
    - Sound insulation (optional)